P!PHANY Quick Facts

  • Stylists create invoices from customer sales. Once paid, P!PHANY pulls the order and ships the inventory directly to the customer, with Free Shipping!

  • Each style and print combination is available across the size range.  No more #SizeEnvy.

  • Retail Commissions are based on personal volume and rank.  Never have to worry about paying overhead costs like shipping and supplies.  You'll earn an average of 25% to 50% commission on the P!PHANY items you sell.  The exact commission varies per item and how you decide to sell.  Contact us for more information.

  • P!PHANY stylists aren't required to carry any inventory, as sales are done through the sales carousel. Stylists can carry samples for marketing, and carry at least 7 units per style.

  • P!PHANY runs a limited print run, then sells all of the style print through the Sales Carousel across all sizes.  Once the product sells out, it may release the style again at a later date or not release the style ever again.  

  • P!PHANY has a set plan for multiple new style releases each month for the next 6 months and beyond!

  • P!PHANY is already strategically announcing seasonality releases for the new styles.  Sleeveless in summer?! Longer Sleeves in Winter?!

  • New releases are made available to all stylists one week before schedule product release.  During release, all sylists have access to create invoices for items sold through the carousel.  There is no situation where a group of Stylists will get a new release and a separate group will not.

  • Buy-In to sell is $199 WITH NO INVENTORY PURCHASE REQUIRED. Since all sales are done on-line, there isn't much inventory to carry, and only if you want to carry samples of new releases. There isn't additional risk needed for racks, hangers, shipping supplies, etc.

  • Since P!PHANY Stylists don't carry any inventory, there won't be tons of inventory to sell if going out of business. Any inventory that would be available would also be obsolete because of how quickly they release new styles.  Current Sylists won't have to contend with gray-market Going-Out-Of-Business Groups.

  • P!PHANY encourages the pursuit of other direct sales companies that can compliment it's core portfolio of clothing.

  • P!PHANY's Leadership Bonus Plan is way beyond competitive!  Click below or contact us for more information


P!PHANY is a contemporary fashion company dedicated to empowering women. With a network of stylists from coast to coast, they're reinventing the way women shop, dress, and work.  P!PHANY creates premium quality silhouettes sold through a network of stylists at pop-up boutiques and live social media parties throughout the United States. 

Sharing a passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed, the founders, Dianne Ingram and Jack Peterson, focused on creating an opportunity that empowers women through fashion and owning a business. P!PHANY is the extraordinary result.

With decades of combined experience building companies, the rest of Team P!PHANY shares that same enthusiasm—always keeping the interests of stylists at the heart of everything they do. Whether designing flattering fashions, creating a powerful brand, building a supportive customer service team, developing tools that simplify business development, or taking care of finances, this executive team’s passion is contagious and their business acumen supports our stylists in every way.

Not only is P!PHANY an American apparel company but the fashion is rooted and designed in California.  The locality of the manufacturing site gives the founders a rare opportunity to quality control and cut down on long lead times waiting for shipments to come from overseas.  With P!PHANY's recent growth and increase in demand, Dianne and Jack (owners) are uncertain as to whether this brand can continue to thrive under local production, but they have expressed a desire to stay here in the states. 

P!PHANYclothes are ever changing and with each new season, items are released to not only keep up with trends but accommodate for weather.  The shirts AND dresses are available from tank tops, short sleeves, to 3/4 sleeve, even long sleeve.  Dresses and skirts are made in all lengths from above knee all the way to the floor, and form fitting to the more loose fit.  They are known to retire styles so if you find a favorite – be sure to stock up because you may not see it again! Sometimes they just retire a silhouette for a season, but sometimes they retire them permanently to make room for new silhouettes.

If you are shorter, no worries, many pants and dresses are designed in a fabric that can cut to any length you want without fraying or rolling!  This will give you the freedom to buy the style you love without having to worry if the length will be wrong and you would have to pay extra for a seamstress.